what is dirty vibes?

An Adult, Lifestyle Party, Travel, and Cruise Site for Couples and Single Females

Dirty Vibes was created to be the epitome of an electric high-energy lifestyle group. With trips and events hosted in conjunction with Right Connections Travel. It was established to cater to uber-sexy couples from all walks of the lifestyle. Dirty Vibes has destinations with bucket list resorts and cruises, which offer dirty disco style group theme nights, headline DJ’s spinning all music genres, pre-party mixers, after parties, special group swag and so much more. Come join us on a dirty vibes adventure and bring a sexy friend or two as well. As the more the merrier…

What is the age range of the Dirty Vibes events? Will I fit in?

Couples and single females in their mid twenties to their mid fifties. Age is just a number as we also have some guests in their 60’s whom attend and they definitely go the extra mile and fit perfectly into our group. Guests are a mixture of all variations of the lifestyle, from curious, open-minded, experienced, not experienced or just wanting to be carefree. Some will use the word, swinger, to describe the trips and resorts. But the lifestyle is so much more than that. Our guests are wanting to have a great time without being exposed to rude or crude people who despise others and Dirty Vibes clients like to let their hair down from time to time. This group genre is full of educated professionals from all walks of life. When you bring together a group of people with many common goals, beliefs, and practices and put them into a fun sexy atmosphere, then you better be ready to make some great memories.

Are trips all inclusive?

Each trip is a little different. All our resort trips are all-inclusive which means all food and alcoholic beverages. On our cruises the food is all-inclusive and the alcohol may or may not be included depending on that particular trip. 

We are new and does everyone already know each other?

Every group has a percentage of returning guests as well as a percentage of new, first time guests. But there are more new guests as the word is spreading about the Dirty Vibes signature group trips. We realize that not everyone will know each other, which to us is one of the fun parts about going on vacations like these. It’s the excitement of the themes, the resort, the parties, meeting new people and having a new sexy adventure. Perhaps one that you have been thinking about for a long time. So we create welcome mixers on the first day that you arrive, then more pre-party mixers and after-party mixers. It gives everyone a chance to meet others before and after the parties. Our staff and host couples are also available to help guests who are wanting to have a great time as everyone is coming together under the Dirty Vibes group brand.

What kind of music do you play at your events?

Dirty Vibes brings a large group of people together and we realize that also means different music genre likes and dislikes. Our DJs play a mix of top 40 dance, house, high energy dance remixes, hip-hop (not rap), and some current rock n roll. Basically whatever it takes to get the energy flowing at our events. Our DJs are very familiar with what people are looking for and they are able to watch the crowd and see what gets the crowd moving. Dirty Vibes and the DJs do their best to cater to everyone’s music taste.

Are Single Males ever allowed at the events?

With the Exception of Dirty Vibes Staff and Professionals ( DJs, Photographers, Stage Technicians ), 99% of the time the answer is no. In the rare case that a single male was allowed to attend the events, they would have to get approval from our Staff. 

Why only couples and single females for the Dirty Vibes events?

How often do you want to wear something that perhaps is a little too sexy, provocative and wild to wear on a regular vanilla trip? You have to worry about being harassed by others. You want to wear it but it’s not worth the harassment, which will spoil the fun evening.
We cater to all walks of the lifestyle. From the curious couples looking to spice up their relationship, bisexual females and yes as well as soft or hardcore. Since only single females and couples are permitted on Dirty Vibes group trips. It makes for the perfect, and respectful, environment for you and your significant other. It’s all about having some sexy fun, meeting other people and what goes on later is up to the couples or single females. Having the ability to be as wild or mild as you want is the reason Dirty Vibes was created. We produce epic group trips with fun erotic themes, pool parties, mixers, sexy evenings, and a chance to mix n mingle with others to create some memories.

Why do you host trips to Caribbean locations?

The resorts that we frequent and cruises that we host at are very upscale and lifestyle friendly. Some may be topless optional and/or clothing optional. Like our events, the resorts are geared toward the guests who are looking to add a little spice and or relaxation to their lives. Dirty Vibes takes a fun energetic group to exotic locals for up to a week. You can be as wild as you want to be by night or relax and let the sand gravity pull you down by day. You set the tone as our host’s resorts have it all and cater to your every whim. We chose the Caribbean because the atmosphere and weather help facilitate a more erotic atmosphere.

How do we book one of these Dirty Vibes group trips?

Right Connections Travel is the exclusive travel agency for Dirty Vibes. We work together in booking premier lifestyle friendly resorts that will cater to our crowd. On every group trip, the RCT staff is in attendance to welcome guests as they check in, answer any questions and assist them through the entire booking and vacation experience. Right Connections Travel allows guests to create a payment plan with a small deposit so your reservation is booked, securing your room, as many Dirty Vibes group trips sell out months in advance.

Tryst Temptation Tower Takeover Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing, a certified letter or by e-mail w. receipt to email (info@rightconnectionstravel.com) or fax (866-583-7655). No Exceptions! NO PHONE CANCELLATIONS. Cancellation fees are as follows:
1) Any reservation canceled more than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $200 per reservation cancellation fee.
2) Any cancellation with less than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $350 per reservation cancellation fee.
3) Any cancellations less than 60 days before arrival are subject to a $500 per reservation cancellation fee.
4) All cancellations 45 days before arrival or less, or “No-Show” reservations are subject to 100% cancellation fee. No Refunds.
5) Late arrivals and early departures are not refundable. All reservations are due in full by date listed on invoice.
6) Transfers from other events to this event are subject to the cancellation policies from their original event that were in effect on the date of transfer (ie if you were in a 100% cancellation period, this invoice is in a 100% cancellation status starting the date booked).