DJ Lineup

Dirty Vibes Music Fest 2023 is going to bring epic entertainment and music to Desire Pearl Resort.  Music Fest offers a summer erotic vibe full of DJs and music that keep attendees moving all night. For 2023, Dirty Vibes Productions will raise the bar and bring even more energy and sexiness to the special daytime, nighttime, and late night afterparties that Dirty Vibes events are known for. Keep checking back for information about what Dirty Vibes has in store for 2023. 

Theme Nights

Dirty Vibes Music Fest events will continue their amazing theme parties for  2023.  Dirty Vibes takes theme parties and ups the sexiness. Music Fest 2023 themes will be the talk of Desire Pearl. Check back here often for information about Music Fest 2023 Theme Nights.

Tryst Temptation Tower Takeover Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing, a certified letter or by e-mail w. receipt to email ( or fax (866-583-7655). No Exceptions! NO PHONE CANCELLATIONS. Cancellation fees are as follows:
1) Any reservation canceled more than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $200 per reservation cancellation fee.
2) Any cancellation with less than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $350 per reservation cancellation fee.
3) Any cancellations less than 60 days before arrival are subject to a $500 per reservation cancellation fee.
4) All cancellations 45 days before arrival or less, or “No-Show” reservations are subject to 100% cancellation fee. No Refunds.
5) Late arrivals and early departures are not refundable. All reservations are due in full by date listed on invoice.
6) Transfers from other events to this event are subject to the cancellation policies from their original event that were in effect on the date of transfer (ie if you were in a 100% cancellation period, this invoice is in a 100% cancellation status starting the date booked).