Nightly Party Themes!!!

around the world

This night will be full of tempting people from around the world. All the people will be ready to mix, mingle, meet and greet. What better way to start a conversation then where are you from. Tonight the colors from around the world will shine. Where are you from? We all want to know!

Dress code: your country’s flag colors

super sunday night

Super Bowl Sunday sets off the sexiness with a sexy group that are ready to stand up and cheer. Who needs to wait for halftime for the best show when the Temptation Cruise will have a full ship of sexiness.

Dress code: NFL jerseys & cheerleaders


Tonight is the night to unleash that inner Super Hero. Kaboom, bam, pow, it’s party time now! Superheroes are being called into action for the most important mission yet. Show off your sexiest superpower.

Dress code: your favorite superhero

lingerie & bdsm

Add the elements of latex, leather, and lace to create an irresistibly naughty style that will make everyone’s heart race. Tonight, Cupid’s arrow will be flying throughout this naughty party so who will get caught in Cupid’s arrow?

Dress code: latex, leather & lingerie

neon & glow

Tonight let’s glow crazy with a night of glow, lights and LED. The Caribbean skies while we shake and shine tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s party time.

Dress code: neon and anything that glows

Daytime Pool Party Themes!!!

tailgate at sea

Kickoff time is drawing near, join us for our pool party where we’ll be kicking things into high gear. Join us for a whole lot of fun and party with us while we countdown to the most highly viewed game of the year.

Dress code: cut-off shirts & bikinis

love at sea

Jumpstart your heart by taking part in our Love at Sea pool party, it’s going to be hot! The object of today is to spark a flame; after today, things will never be the same. Red and white are meant to excite, putting you in the spotlight.

Dress code: red & white swimsuits

Tryst Temptation Tower Takeover Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing, a certified letter or by e-mail w. receipt to email ( or fax (866-583-7655). No Exceptions! NO PHONE CANCELLATIONS. Cancellation fees are as follows:
1) Any reservation canceled more than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $200 per reservation cancellation fee.
2) Any cancellation with less than 90 days before the arrival date is subject to a $350 per reservation cancellation fee.
3) Any cancellations less than 60 days before arrival are subject to a $500 per reservation cancellation fee.
4) All cancellations 45 days before arrival or less, or “No-Show” reservations are subject to 100% cancellation fee. No Refunds.
5) Late arrivals and early departures are not refundable. All reservations are due in full by date listed on invoice.
6) Transfers from other events to this event are subject to the cancellation policies from their original event that were in effect on the date of transfer (ie if you were in a 100% cancellation period, this invoice is in a 100% cancellation status starting the date booked).